Welcome To Frost FX

Intro Videos

An introduction to the forex market. In these videos you will be given the proper foundation and information necessary to help blast you past the learning curve, and be ready to attack the markets.


Technical analysis is only half the battle. Here is where you will learn about the proper approach and mindset it takes in order to master yourself and the markets.

Technical Analysis

A more detailed approach on how I analyze the markets on a day-day basis. Learn about how I mark up my charts, and what I look for in the market when entering trades et cetera.


A library of knowledge where all group webinars and chart breakdowns are stored. Here you get to see trades I am taking live within the FrostFX community – how and why I enter those trades, my technical analysis, and more in chronological order as the markets are progressing. Webinars are reinforced in real-time within the FrostFX groupchat(s) and may not necessarily always be up to date with my most current views. So it is key to be active within the community (Discord).